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We have recently appointed courier company DPD to deliver all our orders. This we feel will make our customer experience a lot better than it was. It means that all orders are sent via DPD's Next Day Service and you will get a text and e-mail letting you know the delivery arrangemnts. You will be informed on the morning of the delivery of the ONE Hour time slot in which your order will be delivered to you. You will have the option to rearrange the delivery to another day, to have it delivered to a neighbour and their are other options that DPD will give you.



As we are spending most week days on the road visiting POELT courses our production happens mostly during weekends. So, any order we receive by 1:00 pm on a Wednesday will be produced that weekend and will be dispatched early the following week on a 'Next Day Delivery Service'. Orders received after 1:00 pm on a Wednesday will be included in the following weeks production and delivery cycle. We will always try to meet any urgent deadlines if needed but call us or e-mail to arrange.


Ordering On Line

Please see our leaflet or classroom posters which provide instructions on how to order on line.

Ordering and paying on line for your Section Photographs is the only way to get them. We no longer collect money in the College or deliver orders to the College. Part of the online process is that you will have to register, similar to most online shopping including Amazon. This make the whole process secure along with the PayPal facility provides you with all the usual online shopping protection. You can use any debit or credit card to make your payment or, you can chose to use your PayPal account if you have one. Very occasionally PayPal account holders may experience difficulty in paying for an order with a debit or credit card, there is nothing wrong when this happens; it's PayPal's extra security that causes this. Re-doing the order usually sorts this problem but if the problem persists please contact us and we will e-mail you a PayPal Invoice which you can view and pay very quickly and easily. This method also maintains the very high level of buyer protection afforded by PayPal.

What Happens After Your Section Photograph Is Taken?

About a week after we take your photograph we will send to your college a combined photograph and typesetting proof. It is very important that when you see this you check that your name is printed correctly. You will have supplied us with your name and establishment at the time but we have to interpret your hand writing and with the best will in the world we won't always read a characture the way it was intended. Please check and it will save you the disapointment of buying a photograph with your name printed incorrectly.

After we have received approval of the typesetting, or any changes that are required (we require this in writing, preferably by e-mail) we will then publish your Section Photograph Reference number in our online store, this is to ensure that only Section Photographs that have approved typesetting can go on sale. Also this ensures that once we publish the Reference Number we will be able to complete and dispatch orders very quickly. Our aim is to put orders in the post within 1 week of receiving them.

We will never publish the actual photograph image on our website, the Prison Service won’t allow this. So it is important, to ensure you receive the right photograph, that you place your order using the correct reference number. If you have any doubt about the correct reference number for your Section Photograph, please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Included with the Proof will be a quantity of our leaflets that illustrate how to order online. This leaflet will have your Section’s Photograph Reference Number printed on it. This number is unique to your Section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the FAQ button at the top of the screen to see the frequently asked questions and the answers. If that doesn't answer your query, click on Contact Us and send your message.


Welcome to our Section Photography Store

Select your college from the left hand menu and choose the image you would like to purchase using the references numbers supplied to you during your course.


Please Note:

Due to security restrictions on this site we do not publish any copies of the actual photographs taken. You should therefore make certain you have chosen the correct photograph reference number before proceeding to the checkout. If you are not sure of your correct reference number, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.

If you can't see your Section Photograph Ref No: It means we are waiting for typesetting approval. This is to prevent anyone buying a photograph with incorrect printed details. We need approval in writing, preferbly by e-mail to state that all printed details are correct or listing any amendments required, this e-mail can be from anyone in the photograph on behalf of the Section.


Prints are charged at
1 - 9 prints : £15.00 each.
10 - 18 prints : £13.50 each.
19 - 34 prints : £12.75 each.
35 - 44 prints : £11.75 each.
45 - 50 prints : £11.00 each.
51 or more prints : £10.50 each
*For orders of 75 photographs or more - contact us for a special price.
Please note: The discounts are for quantities of the same photograph.
Postage & Packing

All our Section Photographs are dispatched in a substantial heavy card postal package and are posted using Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery at a cost of £6.00 per delivery up to a maximum of 2 prints.

For all orders over 2 prints postage and packaging is FREE.


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